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NobleDDoS – is investments with high financial returns in exclusive project of new format.
NobleDDoS – is income from DDoS-attacks and liquidation of illegal websites.
We DO NOT offer invest in Forex, Credits, Crypto-currencies and Options where the risk «to go bankrupt» is very high...

From idea of creation and first income payments

«Noble DDоS» project founders are 3 professional programmers.

«Doing business with organizations in «Administration and Information System/Internet Resources Security» specialization, we constantly faced the threats of infection of computers and corporate networks in whole. We had to respond very fast – we had to create data protection programs, to monitor their efficiency and, unfortunately, to recover consequences of infections and hack attacks. This was motion in circle: viruses grow – problems increase – salary of system administrator remains unchanged. All of these things became the impulse for changes...»

So, at the turn of 2017 and 2018, the company NobleDDoS was set up having two primary objectives:

  • 1. To attack forbidden web-resources and to force them to pay for cancellation of DDoS-attacks (it is the reward for us and those who help us in this noble struggle)
  • 2. Not to stop attacks upon receipt of funds but to destroy «illegal» activity completely.

There are several PRICING PLANS in our project for investors who have a soft spot for «purity» of web space.
You have to decide: which period of time from now and which profit you wish to earn.
We will fulfill obligations specified in terms and conditions on Home page.
The rate of return of each pricing plan is determined by lack of conscientiousness of certain websites (their harmfulness for society).

Further we will tell you about particular characteristics of DDoS-attacks in more details for you to have full understanding and trust to our activity...

How does «denial of service» bring income?

Distributed Denial of Service is the so-called attack on website the task of which is to make it inaccessible for visitors:
  • 1. It is enough to direct infinite aggregate of false enquiries to the resource in order to close it forever.
  • 2. Support services are unable to manage with such flow and website «stops»!
Numerous networks BOTNET became a strategy and a tool of «Noble DDoS»:
we attack illegal websites with their help successfully putting them out of action.

As many attacks as required are made for complete demolition of an «illegal» found by us or identified by our investors. This process is fatal for websites being attacked – the trial to fix problems fails, losses are thumping.
We inform RANSOM AMOUNT to the owners of porn website, online casino and other illegal resources. They transfer funds to our accounts in the hope that attacks will stop.
From now we just have to finish the started work – liquidate the «target.

Why are we sure that they will pay?

Companies that make profit by illegal means do not want to start up new websites – it means heavy expenses
(to create, launch advertising, and draw traffic once again)..
The follow the path of least resistance – they pay to us to stop DDoS-attacks.

Our nonstandard APPROACH = your high INCOME

NobleDDoS - is a professional struggle with websites «beyond the law» with a possibility to earn constant PROFIT.

Investments with high financial returns and noble tasks!

Will you support our ambitions?

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