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Questions about the Company

Which criteria do you use to select Investors?
Company NobleDDoS cooperates with all customers who wish to invest free capital in our programs and who comply with the rules in effect. The only restriction is an obligatory attainment of majority.

General question

Won’t I lose invested money?
Whatever investments there are certain risks but we minimized probability of loss of the Investor’s financial means. Our reserve fund is the guaranty of the safety of your deposit which helps us to perform our financial obligations toward each Investor.
Where to start our cooperation?
Upon registration, you can review the offered pricing plans. Having analyzed terms and conditions, you can choose one or more appropriate investment plans and deposit. From this moment on you are considered to be an official Investor of the Company NobleDDoS and will receive dividends in the specified amounts.
Which investment plan to choose?
Our investors can choose any out of several investment plans that differ by size of deposit, validity period and accrued interests. Investor determines its investment strategy and chooses the best pricing plan for investing on its own. The number of investment plans in which Investor can participate is not limited.
Can I open several accounts from one and the same IP-address?
No, you can’t. It is egregious violation of rules of cooperation with the Company and punished by blocking of all accounts with confiscation of all funds with no right to return.
How can I reset password?
For the sake of convenience of users, there is a section «Password reset» on the website. Fill in the offered fields and instructions on recovery of access to your account will be sent to your email.
I want to change email address, is it possible?
No, it’s not, as the change of email address can effect on safety of your deposit that is why such service is provided in exceptional cases upon personal appeal to technical support.
What is commission rate at depositing or withdrawal of funds?
The Company does not charge commission deductions from its Investors.

Questions about account replenishment

From which payment system can I replenish my deposit?
The Company operates with the following electronic payment systems: PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash. We are planning further extension of the list of available payment systems and bank transfers with due consideration of wishes of our Investors.
How can I open an account in one of payment systems?
It is necessary to register on the official website of one of offered electronic payment systems to perform financial operations: official website of Perfect Money is —; official website of Payeer is —; official website of AdvCash is —
Please, use instructions available on each site in order to register. Upon opening of electronic wallet, the whole functional for depositing and withdrawal of monetary amounts will be available for you.
How can I open a deposit?
In order to replenish the balance, please, use a special tab in personal account by means of which payment system can be chosen. Upon pressing the button “Replenish the account”, you will be automatically redirected to the website of EPS chosen by you. Account is replenished immediately.

Investors’ questions

Which profit will I earn?
Dividend rate is determined by invested amount and selected investment plan.
What minimum amount can I withdraw?
Minimum amount for withdrawal is $0.1.
What maximum amount can I withdraw?
The Company does not set a limit to Investors with regard to maximum amount for withdrawal.
Within which period are the dividends accrued?
Investor receives the first income in 24 hours after opening of deposit and activation of one of investment plans.
When can I withdraw the earned profit?
Upon filling in the request for withdrawal of funds: the funds will be immediately transferred to your wallet.
Can I replenish balance from one electronic wallet but withdraw gained income to another EPS?
No, you can’t. Such operations are not possible. For safety reasons, we provided the possibility to withdraw dividends on the same electronic wallet which was used to replenish balance.
Can I reinvest earned profit?
There are no limitations for the use of earned profit by Investor. There exists the possibility not only to withdraw earned profit but also to reinvest it for profit maximization.

Partners’ questions

I want to become a partner of your Company. Where should I start?
Each Investor has the possibility to receive partner fee for active participation in new customer acquisition. Each registered user is automatically allowed to participate in partner program, no other action are required.
Is it possible to receive partner fee without opening a deposit?
Yes, it is. Many beginning Investors have no possibility to open a deposit due to absence of free cash. Participation in partner program will allow to collect required amount for purchase of investment plan or to withdraw earned profit to electronic wallet.
How much money can I make out of participation in partner program?
The size of partner fee is not limited by the Company. If you invite new participants to our project, you will get from 5% to 7% of amount of deposits opened by them. The more users follow your partner link and invest a deposit, the bigger amount is accrued for you.

Security issues

How do you furnish security of personal data?
Our Company uses modern encrypting systems and specially designed software that ensures absolute confidentiality of data received.
Is information on conducted transactions and investment sizes protected?
All financial transactions are protected by SSL-certificate сертификата, no information on deposit size and gained profit can be disclosed.

Further questions

I still have some more questions, where can I get answers?
Any questions which are of interest for our customers can be put to Support Desk at an address - NobleDDoS «CUSTOMER SUPPORT»,
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