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Attacked a fraudulent resource Feb-16-2018 08:12:49 PM

Hello guys and all investors of our project! By the numerous requests of our investors, we recently attacked a fraudulent resource that says that it is engaged in currency exchange, but in fact deceives people! This resource brought a lot of damage to citizens of different countries and spoils the reputation of normal legal exchangers! Here is the domain name of this resource;;;! Also, we attach a screenshot of the legal site !!!

Hong Kong online gambling sites targeted by DDoS attackers. Feb-12-2018 04:59:48 PM

Did Chinese Authorities Launch Massive DDoS Attacks on Hong Kong Online Gambling Sites?
Hong Kong online gambling sites targeted by DDoS attackers.
For seven days, Hong Kong became the ground zero of DDoS attacks throughout the world, but why?
Hackers apparently based in China flooded the bandwidth of countless gambling sites with a massive influx of traffic, knocking them offline.
Extortion Suspected
It was also noteworthy, said Arbor, because “country-level activity” often denotes geopolitical motivation, ie, attacks directed so intently at websites of a single territory can be an indication of cyber warfare organized on a state-level. It's a notion, however, that Kirk Soluk, manager of the company's threat intelligence team, rules out.
“…the emergence of multiple, different gambling/gaming targets leads us to believe that DDoS extortion is the most likely motivation,” he concluded in a blog on the Arbor website this week.
It's a reasonable conclusion. After all, hackers have sought to hold online gambling websites to ransom since the very early days of the industry.
Sports betting sites are particularly vulnerable because they are hopelessly reliant on major sporting events for large chunks of their revenues and may be have little choice but to pay a small ransom when deliberately targeted during these periods.
Does it know, for example, that the first of the Hong Kong attacks came just five days after China's Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun promised “severe punishment” for gambling operators targeting Chinese citizens on the mainland?
Of course, the nature of DDoS attacks means they could have been orchestrated from anywhere in the world and attackers were simply harnessing internet-connected devices from within China.

Organizations were hit by an average of 237 distributed denial of service Feb-12-2018 04:59:08 PM

Organizations were hit by an average of 237 distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attack attempts per month during the third quarter of 2017, according to researchers.
The data, from Corero Network Security's (CNS) latest "DDoS Trends and Analysis" report, showed a 35 percent increase in monthly attack attempts compared to the second quarter of 2017.
The report is based on DDoS attack attempts against CNS customers worldwide.
"The growing availability of DDoS-for-hire services is causing an explosion of attacks, and puts anyone and everyone into the crosshairs," CNS CEO Ashley Stephenson said in a statement.
"These services have lowered the barriers to entry in terms of both technical competence and price, allowing anyone to systematically attack and attempt to take down a company for less than $100," Stephenson added.
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has described a DDoS attack as what happens when hackers send "an overload of web traffic at a target to the point that it is unable to function."
DDoS attacks have hit a host of different groups, including financial institutions, news organizations and government agencies, according to the DHS.

NobleDDOS - "Robin Hood" of the Internet space Feb-12-2018 04:53:29 PM

Any act returns to us as a boomerang.
Nobility will be rewarded!
For the non-standard investment project NobleDDoS, these 2 truths are close ...

In January 2018, "Noble DDoS" made the first attacks on thriving porn sites, online casinos and other illegal sites. They were successful and brought a good income.
Today the project was opened for investors who can help the project and get a serious profit by doubling / tripling the amount of initial investments.

The new format of income generation promises excellent prospects - the profit will increase, since there are many "illegals" in the network ... Join now!

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